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CBMC Basics!

with Timothy Philpot (former judge, author and aformer president of CBMC International)

Date: Thursday, June 11, 2020
Time: 6pm-7:30pm (1.5 hours)
Location: Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 873 4793 0697
Password: 1234

For more info: Sang Sur (

북미주 KCBMC 사역을 위한 온라인 웨비나 프로그램의 연속으로 오는 목요일 6/11일에는 eCBMC 프로그램이 준비되었습니다. 특별히 CBMC 사역의 본이 되시고 실질적인 헌신으로 CBMC를 섬기신 Tim Philpot 판사님을 모시는 귀한 시간을 같습니다. Tim Philpot 은, 판사, 정치인, 그리고 CBMC International President 사역으로 오랫동안 섬기신 열정적인 CBMC 사역자이십니다. 주위의 영어권 자녀들에게 그리고 eCBMC 후보생들에게 권장하여 참여할 수 있기를 바랍니다.

Tim Philpot Bio

JUDGE: Tim Philpot, 69, retired in 2018 as a Family Court Judge in Lexington,
Kentucky, serving from January 2004-January 2018.

LAW AND POLITICS: Tim was a trial lawyer for more than 26 years, concentrating on
employment law, family law and civil rights cases. He was elected to the Kentucky State
Senate in 1990, where he served two terms until 1998.

MINISTRY: From 1996 to 2003, Tim was President of CBMC International, a worldwide
ministry presenting Christ to business and professional people. He has spoken in 66
nations, primarily to CBMC groups, Parliament groups, legal groups and business
groups. He has recently returned to CBMC as an Ambassador, available to share his 42
years of experience with staff and volunteers. Tim also serves as Chairman of Fishhook
International, a ministry focused on sharing God’s love in India with the poor and

AUTHOR: Tim has authored two books. “Ford’s Wonderful World of Golf” is a memoir
to his father published in 2013. “Judge Z: Irretrievably Broken” is a novel published in
2106 about family court, the death of marriage in America, the tragedy of divorce, and
the profound mystery of God’s love for us, His bride.
GOLF: He also serves as a volunteer assistant coach and chaplain for the University of
Kentucky men’s golf team, where he played and graduated in 1974. He is Chairman of
Second Tee, Inc, a ministry which uses golf to share the Gospel with business and
professional people.

FAMILY: Tim married Susan Davis, who grew up in Africa as the daughter of
missionaries, in 1971. Tim and Susan have no children. They now live in Loxley,

EDUCATION: Tim graduated from Tates Creek High School in Lexington, Ky, attended
Asbury University for two years before graduating from the University of Kentucky in
1974 and the UK College of Law in 1977.

More about him on the web:

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