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2019 KCBMC Leadership Conference

2019 KCBMC Leadership Conference

I would like to thank the leadership team of KCBMC for organizing the leadership conference.   Although Las Vegas did not seem like an idea venue for a Christian leadership conference, we enjoyed the warm weather and felt that the conference was very well organized.

I personally was hesitant to go since I already had gone to a leadership conference in Atlanta and we have a national conference in Dallas in June.   However, I felt that the lectures by the leaders and the group discussions were extremely helpful in managing our own chapter.   You also get a better sense of how to run your own organization when you are able to listen to how different groups in other areas are organized and managed, and I had received ideas and advice from the more experienced leaders.

Through Mr. Sangkeun Park’s lecture Life on Life, I was able to reconfirm the mission of CBMC.   The life discipleship and life evangelism are the core of CBMC and yet is easily lost since we are focused more on group and on maintaining or increasing the number of people in our team.   Also, I was able to speak with a person from San Jose that has been with CBMC for over 20 years, and he told us his procedure for new members using the First Steps manual and Operation Timothy.   We do not have a program for newcomers, so I again felt the need to have a program in place.

On a personal note, my wife was thrilled to go since her best friend lives in Las Vegas.  My wife’s best friend and her husband are not Christians, but we invited them to the conference.  They attended several sessions and were very impressed with the quality of the lectures.  Many of the leaders came together and prayed over them as they sat in the center.   We felt that it was an important step in preaching the gospel to them and we truly appreciated everyone’s attention and help.

At the end of the conference, I was energized and extremely glad that I had attended.   I would strongly recommend leaders in our group in New York to attend the next conference.  I would like to thank the leadership team again for their effort.

Just a few recommendations or my opinion for improvement:

  1. Date and time.   Most of the conferences seem to start at Thursday afternoon and end at lunch on Saturday.   I personally feel that the conferences should start Friday morning and end late afternoon on Saturday. Most of us own a business or work, and it is not easy to take time off on weekdays. I think the conferences in general could be condensed to 2 days.
  2. We constantly talk about the next generation, so we should provide as much support to them as possible. Their main language is English, so we should have translations of the lecture and documents in English.   I think we should have at least one lecture in English as well and better yet, we should have a leadership conference in English.

Best regards,

Andrew Choe

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